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Saturday, August 3, 2013


Friday 08-02-2013

This morning, we said our goodbyes to the sweet kiddos and wonderful staff of Into Abba’s Arms and headed to Nairobi. We have the day today to rest and explore before our flight to Dubai. On our way to Nairobi, we stopped at a bead and pottery workshop and store, Kazuri. Kazuri is a Swahili word which means “small and beautiful.”  We heard the story of how the founder started the organization with a dream to help single and disadvantaged women of the community.  We received a short tour of the bead and pottery making process from start to finish. 

Once in Nairobi some went to see the baby elephants while others went and finished last minute shopping and self-care activities.  When it came time for our flight we thought everything was going smooth and we arrived in plenty of time to check in roam the airport before we left.  However, we did not account for our trunk in one of the vans getting stuck and having the drivers use every wrench, bar, and screw driver they had to try and pry it open.  After many prayers and much sweating the door finally popped open.   We had several other complications that made us worry whether or not we would make out flight or not.  If you have ever seen a movie where groups are running through the airport to catch their flight, those scenes could accurately describe what we looked like.  We all safely arrived and made our flight. 

- Jen and Kelly

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