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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Monday, July 13- Day 17

Fun in the Sun

One last day of fun in the sun!  The main activity for the group was a glass bottom boat tour of the Buccoo Coral Gardens and opportunity to snorkel and take a dip in the Nylon Pool.  The group set out from the Enchanted Waters hotel and walked several blocks down to the Buccoo Beach pier and beheld Solo Amor, our vessel for the afternoon.  It was a bit smaller than I expected, but we all fit inside around the aquarium-like windows on the bottom.  We made a few stops on our voyage including the Coral Gardens, the Nylon Pool, and "No man's Land."  The captain described the different types of coral and fish as we passed over them- sea whips, red coral, parrot fish.  We even saw sting rays swimming below us.  Some of us braved snorkeling in the somewhat choppy waves, but Dr. Arveson stood out as the mermaid among us as she swam with the captain around the coral.  We all got out at the Nylon pool, reportedly named after the Princess Margaret's leggings when she visited!  It is an area of very shallow water near where the Atlantic meets the Caribbean Sea. Our captain informed us that every time people come to bathe in this pool, the women "get five years younger and the men get five years wiser."  We enjoyed the rejuvenating time and exfoliating coral/sand.

The night ended with a team dinner at Patino's- the restaurant connected to the hotel.  We had a relaxing time enjoying good food and conversation before we travel back home.  Many team members communicated feelings of gratitude for having the opportunity to travel with Green Cross and the Center for Trauma Studies and grow in ways that were unexpected.  All of us were stretched in some way or another, whether it was in our professional skills or in our patience and love towards a large group of people with whom we have spent every...waking...hour for the last two weeks.  (I think I grew in that area!)

Tomorrow we begin our journey home.

Amanda N. Trent, Psy.D.

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