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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Sunday July 12- Day 16


It is suggested, that practice makes perfect. There is validity to the argument, as one learns to “beach” with precision. Some beachers resemble the crabs crawling from side to side on the cleft of the rocks as they slowly show movement by raising their hand to feign shade, others resemble island turtles as their heads occasionally peak out from their shell sensing the heat of the summer sun. The remainders of the team simply sat by the pool, engaging in a psych term called processing. 

A highlight of the morning was the devotion, led by Dr. Keyes, followed by a discussion on what love really is in the midst of doing “all things, through Christ who strengthens us”. Each student had an opportunity to pray as a team and thank God for being in the midst of us. Others left for the mall to find Rituals, a local coffee shop, while some enjoyed ice cream at one of the pit stops during the bus tour. Everyone present enjoyed the bus tour as we passed rubber, mango, banana and cherry trees on our way to Fort King George on top of the mountain. Our animated tour guide explained in detail the local culture and monuments we should remember. Members of the team enjoyed walking to each of the lookouts, picking up souvenirs, and swaying to the music played with the owners' steel pan. The breeze caressed our hearts as we breathed in the air touched by the sea. Standing behind the weathered cannon, it was easy to look down toward the waters and imagine a pirate ship coming over the horizon. Hearing the history of the Island made the locals seem more real to us, like they had a story to tell if we were willing to listen. 

During the evening, some of the team members got the privilege of having dinner together and listening to the delightful conversation of Dr. Kathy Arveson. She explained the history of the counseling department and the original vision while we enjoyed our dinner. Hers sizzled more than others. She had reminded us that she and Dr. Reese like to give feedback on the assignments students write in order to help them grow as academics. She is very careful to direct, challenge and comment, as in her words “that is a part of being a teacher”. 

The concept sounded simplistic and yet profound. Feedback helps a student grow, and yet self reflection and being challenged is often resisted by those who need calm in the midst of change. Psychology students, and counselors often coin the term being present in the moment in order to help. This trip to Trinidad reminded those bold enough to self reflect, that God wants us to be present in the moment with Him, too. Eventually as the evening sun slowly wained and darkness permeated the island, the glow of knowing God is present in the moment with us twinkled in our sleepy eyes.

By Paula L. Henderson
BA Public Administration, MS. cert in Emergency Preparedness and Crisis Management

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